The EnviroCaddie Paint Dispensing System is a safe and effective alternative to aerosols. Nothing goes to waste, since one hundred percent (100%) of the paint gets dispensed. Your work gets done in less time too. Post-spray cleanup takes less than 5 seconds! The dispensing system is completely portable, so you can easily take it from job site to job site. And each caddie is refillable and rechargeable.

Solvent-based aerosol paints may be convenient, but they pose a significant health risk to the user and to the environment. Many contain cancer-causing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. There’s also a risk of fire and explosion since solvent-based aerosols contain flammable gas propellants such as propane and butane.

With EnviroCaddie, you can provide a safer workplace for your employees by reducing their exposure to harmful propellants and solvents. And you’ll help safeguard the air and groundwater for future generations by eliminating hazardous unspent aerosol products from the environment. If it can be sprayed from an aerosol can, it can be sprayed from the EnviroCaddie. For additional information, contact us.